Month: July 2011

Happy Friday!

We made it to Friday! I’m off on a surprise birthday trip tomorrow, but The Husband won’t tell me exactly what we’re doing. I know we’ll be in Manhattan and I was told to have a dressy outfit ready.

Hmmm…perhaps something like this?

Have a great weekend!


Master Bedroom Reveal

Now that the room was more to my liking, it was time to start painting the walls.  I knew I wanted a calming, serene bluish-gray color – but which one to choose?  There are just too many options!  I took many, many trips to Janovic, Home Depot, Ace, etc.  And I took home many, many paint chips and sample pots from Benjamin Moore, Behr, Martha Stewart and more.

Lots of choices

After nixing a bunch that were either too blue, too gray, too light or just not right, it was down to the final three.  The color we eventually chose is River Rock from Behr.
Photo courtesy of
And on the wall
I’m very happy with the results.  The color seems to change with the light, so sometimes it looks more blue, sometimes more gray.
It can be a daunting task to pick a paint color, but a big relief when you’re happy with the results!
After adding our furniture, some luxurious bedding, photography found on Etsy and a few more personal touches, I think the room has been transformed from something you might see in a retirement home, to a modern, relaxing haven.

Tackling the Master Bedroom

As I mentioned in my earlier post, , there has been a lot of redecorating going on in our first home.  Exciting, but also very overwhelming at times.  I knew one of the first projects we needed to tackle was the master bedroom.  Let me refresh your memory here:

Bedroom Before Pic

As you can see, the room had wallpaper, as well as 4 (FOUR!!) wall sconces, 2 reading lamps installed into the wall on either side of the bed, a ceiling fan and a spotlight (?!?!?) that illuminated a painting over the bed.  OKAAAAY…

The first step was to remove the wallpaper, which was a project onto itself.  As The Husband (as he will now be referred) was working and I was not at the time, I was able to do some work there on the weekdays. Luckily, I also have a very handy father who did more than his fair share of work on the room.  The wallpaper must have been put up 20 + years ago with industrial-strength super glue, because no matter what we tried – soaking, soaping, scraping, our efforts were futile.  Until we found this magical blue goo that finally did the trick.  It took about 5 bottles of the stuff, but the wallpaper was finally off!  Oh and did I mention that the back of the bedroom door and the switch plates were also covered in wallpaper?  No?  Well, they were.

Next step was to call in the electrician to remove the SIX (!!!) wall lights as well as the ceiling fan and spotlight (seriously?).  After that was complete, my dear father was back on the clock, putting up sheet rock to cover the holes, spackling and priming (I helped with this part).  Now that we had a blank canvas,

What color to paint the walls???

Pantone image via

Instagram Love

I’m really loving the Instagram app – which can be found here:

It’s a lot of fun to take pictures and then manipulate them with different filters.  Here are some of my favorites.  

View of Manhattan from the Williamsburg Waterfront


Instagram helps make all of us master photo artists.  Well, not really, but it certainly is cool to try and can bring out the creative side in even those that don’t think they have one.   What are some of your favorite Instagram shots???

House Re-design Part 1

So as I mentioned in my first post, I’m recently married and also a first-time homeowner.  Of course with that comes the inevitable decorating that comes with moving into a new place.   With our place,  as I’m sure with many others out there, there was already a lot of good and of course, some bad design.  So we had a few somewhat major transformations to undertake – particularly our master bedroom.  In the coming posts I will talk a bit about what we did as well as how we can keep evolving our spaces – because I think the great thing about design is that it’s always evolving.  And I think the best design incorporates a lot of personal touches.


For now, I will leave you with one “before” photo of our bedroom.  Pretty tragic!


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