Master Bedroom Reveal

Now that the room was more to my liking, it was time to start painting the walls.  I knew I wanted a calming, serene bluish-gray color – but which one to choose?  There are just too many options!  I took many, many trips to Janovic, Home Depot, Ace, etc.  And I took home many, many paint chips and sample pots from Benjamin Moore, Behr, Martha Stewart and more.

Lots of choices

After nixing a bunch that were either too blue, too gray, too light or just not right, it was down to the final three.  The color we eventually chose is River Rock from Behr.
Photo courtesy of
And on the wall
I’m very happy with the results.  The color seems to change with the light, so sometimes it looks more blue, sometimes more gray.
It can be a daunting task to pick a paint color, but a big relief when you’re happy with the results!
After adding our furniture, some luxurious bedding, photography found on Etsy and a few more personal touches, I think the room has been transformed from something you might see in a retirement home, to a modern, relaxing haven.


  1. great choice of color! sometimes it takes me days even weeks to even start choosing colors and then once I’ve decided then I want to try other colors…it’s a never ending process, but you manged it well! 🙂 Nice job! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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