Living Room Transformed

I showed you how much work went into transforming the master bedroom.  The living room needed some TLC as well, but fortunately, this job was a lot easier.  This is what the living room looked like before we bought the place.
Hmmm – all I’ll say is that this is just not my taste.
I scoured the stores for paint samples and ended up with the final 3 contenders.  The winner?  Dynasty Celadon from Behr.
I wanted a warm sage for the living room – something to distinguish the space from the dining room and hall, which all flow together.  I also wanted to use dark wood furniture in the space.  I was a bit worried that it would end up looking too dark, since the room does get light, but not as much as some other rooms.  I think the sheer white curtains were a good solution b/c they’re light and airy and let in lots of light.
Next up – personal touches that helped make the space come together.

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