Living Room Details

Once the bones of the living room were in place, it was time to decorate with some personal touches that made the room come together.  These are just a few of my favorite finds:
Wedgwood vase – found at a Housing Works Design on a Dime event
World globe – found at the same event
Sailor – John Derian shop
Bronze apple – Etsy
I always like to have candles lit at night
I always like to have candles lit at night.
We found the rug at Target and the coffee table at Kmart – if you can believe that!
The room is fairly large and I needed some type of art to put over the couch that could work in the space.  I really like the idea of wall collages that use an eclectic yet coherent mix of items.
I did some searching around Etsy to find items that would make a cohesive and interesting collage.  I also incorporated a piece that I had in my old apartment.  Some frames were found at Goodwill and others at Michael’s and I think the result looks pretty good!  So for under $100 I have a unique, personalized art collection on my wall.  🙂

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