Paris Part II

Continuing our tour of Paris, these were some of the special things that really made the city for me.
The Opera and shopping.  Although they’re opening a Laduree shop in NYC, I had to try the famous Laduree macarons at their original location on Rue Royale!
The toe shoes in the window and on display at Repetto.  I own a pair of their flats, but alas, the prices were a bit steep for me to buy a second pair in Paris.
Getting to see the original Cartier location.
Hanging out in the Bastille and Montmartre districts was fun and lively, with a really youthful energy.  And of course buying a Nutella street crepe made fresh while you wait made it even better!
The Latin Quarter has great little restaurants and cafes dotting its streets, but one of the highlights for me was going to the Shakespeare & Company bookstore.  It specializes in English language new and used books and even has a space upstairs where aspiring writers can stay for free when they come to  Paris to be inspired.
The only downside for us is The Husband and I are really not foodies, so we weren’t the best of judges to appreciate Paris cuisine.  Case in point – this is what our breakfasts consisted of every day.
Oh well, c’est la vie!

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