Hello London!

Next up on our adventure was London.  I was there once before in college and was really looking forward to going back. Unfortunately, a few days before we arrived, the riots started breaking out in London and across the country.  It’s a terrible tragedy but hopefully there is something positive that can come out of it – some type of change or reform.

We were fortunately not affected by the riots and arrived in London by Eurostar train on a Wednesday afternoon.  The weather in Paris was very chilly – almost like fall, and London continued this trend.  But when I think of London, I think of cool, gray afternoons, so this weather did not disappoint.
We did a lot during our time there.  Getting around on the Underground or “Tube” is really simple – made even easier with our Oyster Card.

Via Pinterest

Our first stop was Trafalgar Square where we sat by the fountain and soaked up the atmosphere around us.  We also went into the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.
Museums are free, so for only 1 pound (b/c I wanted a pamphlet to keep) we got to see a great array of art including portraits of Henry VIII, Shakespeare and even Paul McCartney.

Via npg.org.uk

Next up that evening was a stroll through the bustling part of the city – Piccidilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.
There’s just something about Covent Garden that I’ve always loved.  It’s in the theater district and there’s lots of cute shops and restaurants down every street.  The opera house is there too and the Mariinsky Ballet was performing Swan Lake that night.

Via danzaballet.com

Street musicians were also playing in and around the opera, which made for a great soundtrack for our stroll.  The next day would be our first full day in the city.


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