London Day 2

Well our first night in London was great. It was now time to enjoy our first full day in the city.

The street where our hotel was located

We started off in the morning going through St. Paul’s Cathedral where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married.


There’s a very nice memorial to fallen American soldiers at the back of the alter, complete with stained glass windows depicting each state’s symbol and a 500-page book of names of the fallen that gets turned to a new page once each day.
After visiting the cathedral, we were able to view part of the Changing of the Guard.
That afternoon, we had tickets to tour Buckingham Palace. Of course I wanted the chance to go inside and take a tour of the palace, but perhaps I had ulterior motives, as Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was also on display as part of the tour! I also thought it was funny that this poster could be found in every subway station:
Touring Buckingham Palace was a more pleasant experience than Versailles. We were able to see approximately 20 state rooms including the Ballroom, where the dress was on display. It’s under black netting and up-lit, which gives it a very ghostly appearance. I’m not sure it’s the best way to display it but there you have it. It was cool to see all of the detailing up close, as well as catch a glimpse of the shoes, earrings and even cake!

Via Pinterest


Later on that evening, we went back into the heart of town and soaked up some more London culture – including hanging out at a local pub in Covent Garden with the after-work crowd.



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