Green Vintage Goodness

There’s just something about a lazy Saturday brunch in NYC.  For me, it also usually involves shopping.  😉  So, on my way to meet a friend at the NoHo Star, I just happened to stroll into one of my favorite vintage spots – Screaming Mimi’s.
Directly in front of me, this caught my eye.
Green is one of my favorite colors and I loved the glam factor that the faux fur added.  And it fit perfectly!  But, I’m not an impulsive buyer (and I was going to be late for brunch) so I decided that if it was still there after eating, the jacket was meant to be mine. And since they had just put it on the floor the day before, I figured I didn’t have that much time until someone scooped it up.   Well – I guess the fates were smiling on me, b/c it was still there when we returned!  Apparently someone else had just tried it on, but found it to be too small.
I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it.  I’m thinking skinny jeans and ballet flats.

Via Pinterest

What are some of your fall fashion finds you’re most looking forward to wearing?


  1. Five min after you bought it the customers from Sweden came back in for it. They decided that altho it was small they would take it home and have it altered. Oh they were sooo disappointed! Wear it well!


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