Macarons, Oh My!

On the Rue Royale, Paris

Laduree has finally opened in New York!


I had been hearing a lot about Laduree macarons for a long time but always felt some pangs of jealousy because they were not available here.

Luckily, I was able to go to the original location on the Rue Royale in Paris this summer and it did not disappoint.
After standing on a fairly long line, it was time to order my macarons. And of course like any good tourist, I also had to get the commemorative box. I chose a pink one (of course).

So for about 14 Euro (or about $20!!), we got to choose 6 macarons. I chose pistachio, licquorice and lemon-thyme and The Husband chose strawberry-mint, chocolate and vanilla. Of course we shared b/c I had to try each flavor!

Now the first NY location is finally open and I’m really looking forward to going. Apparently they import everything straight from Paris each day. So far there’s been long lines, but seeing as the almost 150-year-old location also has long lines, I don’t think they will die down anytime soon. There’s also a new flavor available only in NY – cinnamon raisin. Can’t wait to try it!



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