Month: September 2011

Five for Friday

It’s Friday – yay!  My Five for Friday is very heavy on the fall/Halloween theme this week as tomorrow is October after all! This week – five things I’m looking forward to:


Tomorrow I’m going out to Long Island and will be stopping by the place we always go to get our pumpkins – Hicks Nursery.  It’s fun to pick out a pumpkin and a candy apple or two.  They even have a walk-through story about Otto the Ghost’s Halloween. Of course it’s for kids, but the adults get a kick out of it too!


Apple Cider

My favorite apple cider can be found at the Jericho Cider Mill – a farmhouse and mill built in 1918 that also features amazing pies, crumbles, jams, etc.  Their cider is the best I’ve ever tasted!  The only ingredient – fresh apples.  And I think their slogan “Live Happily Appely” is just too cute!



Since Saturday is October 1st, I think I can officially begin decorating for Halloween.  🙂 And I hope to have some pics on the blog next week!


Ghost Tour

I’ve mentioned that The Husband and I like to go on these silly ghost tours, which actually do a nice job of relaying some unheard history of an area.  We’re going to do another hometown one in the East Village.  This tour takes you back to the beginning of NYC when it was still known as New Amsterdam, complete with stories about Peter Styvusant – and a visit to his burial place. Spooky!



I have all of these cute vintage plaid skirts that I’ve been itching to wear.  Since the weather’s finally going to be cooler this week, I think I’ll pair one with black tights, a simple black top and my fun red patent stacked heels.  Nothing like dressing up to make you feel good!


Have a great weekend!


My Fab New Shoes

As I’ve mentioned, I think Fall is a time for new beginnings – so why not get a fancy new pair of shoes?  It’s the perfect excuse (not that I really need one!)

When I was in London this past summer (1, 2 , 3 , 4 ) I went to Harrods (of course) and visited their shoe department mecca.  That’s when these caught my eye.


So pretty! I love the vibrant pink color, and the gold studs give them an extra pop. And they were on sale too.  I’d never heard of Carvela shoes but I did a bit of research and found it’s a Kurt Geiger brand.  I hadn’t previously heard of Kurt Geiger either but I had seen a lot of window displays for Kurt Geiger Everything but the Dress all over London.  Digging a bit more, I found that the brand formed a recent partnership with Nine West.  Who knew?!?



And now I have a fantastic new pair of shoes, perfect for the fall weather.  I think they’ll go great with a pair of skinny jeans and a neutral top – black, grey, tan, perhaps a long cardigan.  And these shoes are made even more special because they’re something I couldn’t find at home and that will always remind me of the amazing trip I took with The Husband.


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Fun at the Fair

This past weekend brought another fun fall activity – a fair.  We made our way to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. It features different buildings from the 18th and 19th century complete with workers in period costumes giving you the history and backstory of each building. There’s a farm with cows, chickens and sheep and also a general store, hat maker, saloon, etc.  It’s fun to pretend you’re stepping back in time.

This was all part of the backdrop of the Long Island Fair.  This year was the 169th annual fair, but the first time I’ve ever been.  Unfortunately the day was pretty hot and muggy but we still had a great time.

An old-time baseball game

Hope I guessed correctly - I could win $100 🙂


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Betty Crocker Who?

I’m not a baker – the only thing I’ve ever “baked” were brownies from a box mix.  But when I came across a recipe for iced pumpkin cookies, I figured let’s try and give this baking thing a whirl.

First step, get all the necessary ingredients, since I didn’t even have flour or loose sugar that didn’t come in tiny packets.

Next – set aside time to actually do this.  I figured Sunday afternoon would be a good time. So I put on some music and set out to do some baking.

This looks right, I think...

Here goes nothing...

The cookies baked for about 9 minutes and when I took them out, they looked pretty good – if I do say so myself!

Next it was time to ice them – and I even made the icing from scratch!  Who knew I would be such a natural at this.  😉

All in all I think my first real baking experience went pretty well.  The Husband and I tested a broken one and it tasted really good!  I don’t know how soon I’ll bake something else but it’s nice to know that I can do it if I just try.

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  This week’s Five for Friday features five things that made me happy this past week.

Matte nailpolish
I’ve been reading a lot about matte polish this week and I’m really intrigued to try it.  The muted tones are perfect for fall. I especially like the dark colors.  Guess I’ll be making a trip to the beauty supply store this weekend!
The return of Modern Family
The Husband and I really like this show and sadly enough, I see a lot of myself in the character Claire.  😉  This show even makes me laugh out loud at times, which is a great release in the middle of the week.
I try to get to the gym at least once a week and I like to take Zumba classes.  I love to dance and don’t really love to work out, so Zumba is the perfect activity for me.  The class is a lot of fun and it really gets you going!
The Secret of Chanel No. 5 by Tilar J. Mazzeo
I just got this book from my local library and although I’m only about 30 pages in, find it to be a very interesting story of the history of Coco Chanel and her most famous fragrance.
JoAnn Fabric
I’ve never been to this store before and one recently opened near my home.  I’m not a sewer, but they have all sorts of craft supplies – especially now for Halloween and Christmas.  I bought some cute embellishments for my Paris/London photo album.  I really need to get started on that thing!  😉

Have a great weekend!


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Weekend Fun Part II

This past Sunday was another fun day.  We went to the Jets game at what is now officially known as MetLife Stadium.  I guess when you’re willing to pay $16 million a year for the next 25 years, you get naming rights!

The cute thing about having MetLife as the sponsor – Snoopy!  Since he’s their mascot, Snoopy was walking around the stadium along with other Peanuts characters and interacting with the crowd.  I’ve always been a big Peanuts fan so I thought this was very sweet (and I even got my picture with Snoopy – ha!)  The one thing I would like is a little souvenir Snoopy mascot in a Jets outfit, so organizers if you’re listening – get on that, would ya?  😉

Charlie Brown and Sally

Linus and Lucy

Going to the game is always a good time.  We have a perfect overview of all the action from out seats.

It was a blow out with the Jets beating the Jaguars 32-3.  And after the game, a stop at the only Sonic I’ve ever seen around these parts for a shake and some fries.  Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Weekend Fun Part I

Wow – what a great weekend! A local library had a book sale this past Saturday and we got some really cool finds. As I’ve said, I really love books, especially older ones. It was a perfect early-Fall day and we leisurely perused the stalls of books both inside and outside the library. There were some fantastic treasures to be had:

My loot!

After the library, we made our way to Stew Leonard’s. There was a huge pumpkin patch in front, and some Halloween decor.

Although it’s a bit too early for me, it did start getting me into the Halloween spirit. And then – I found my pumpkin ice cream!

And it was so delicious. The flavor was light and creamy – not too heavily spiced or overly rich. So good!!

We found some more treats there and basically ate our way through the store due to the ridiculous amount of samples they offer you. Yum!

The day was topped off by a fun dinner with friends at Serafina.


Part One of a fabulous weekend!
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