A Penny Saved…

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I’m a saver by nature and not an impulse buyer. I love to shop (and I think I’m pretty good at it!) but I’m also not careless with my money and tend to think about my purchases before I make them. That’s why I like the idea of saving towards something you really want.

I am watch-wearer. I know some people aren’t and with the advent of cell phones, many don’t feel the need to wear one. I, however, would feel naked without my watch snaked around my right wrist (yes, I’m a lefty)! I wear a simple and classic silver band with a square face and roman numeral numbers. Something like this:

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But not quite. This is my dream watch and therefore I’ve decided to save up for it. I’m more than halfway there and hope to have my new watch by early 2012.

via pinterest.com

Saving takes discipline and needs to be done consistently in order to work. So I tend to take an extra $20 bill or two each week and put it away along with an errant $5 or $10 bill. And now The Husband is taking his leftover $1 bills each night and saving them up, so I’ve stolen this idea from him. It tends to add up rather quickly and really, are you going to miss that extra latte here or there? Well maybe, but in the long run, you’ll have a shiny new watch (or whatever it is you’re saving for)!

Do you tend to save up for a big purchase or are you an impulse buyer?

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