Weekend Fun Part II

This past Sunday was another fun day.  We went to the Jets game at what is now officially known as MetLife Stadium.  I guess when you’re willing to pay $16 million a year for the next 25 years, you get naming rights!

The cute thing about having MetLife as the sponsor – Snoopy!  Since he’s their mascot, Snoopy was walking around the stadium along with other Peanuts characters and interacting with the crowd.  I’ve always been a big Peanuts fan so I thought this was very sweet (and I even got my picture with Snoopy – ha!)  The one thing I would like is a little souvenir Snoopy mascot in a Jets outfit, so organizers if you’re listening – get on that, would ya?  😉

Charlie Brown and Sally

Linus and Lucy

Going to the game is always a good time.  We have a perfect overview of all the action from out seats.

It was a blow out with the Jets beating the Jaguars 32-3.  And after the game, a stop at the only Sonic I’ve ever seen around these parts for a shake and some fries.  Perfect end to a perfect weekend.


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