Betty Crocker Who?

I’m not a baker – the only thing I’ve ever “baked” were brownies from a box mix.  But when I came across a recipe for iced pumpkin cookies, I figured let’s try and give this baking thing a whirl.

First step, get all the necessary ingredients, since I didn’t even have flour or loose sugar that didn’t come in tiny packets.

Next – set aside time to actually do this.  I figured Sunday afternoon would be a good time. So I put on some music and set out to do some baking.

This looks right, I think...

Here goes nothing...

The cookies baked for about 9 minutes and when I took them out, they looked pretty good – if I do say so myself!

Next it was time to ice them – and I even made the icing from scratch!  Who knew I would be such a natural at this.  😉

All in all I think my first real baking experience went pretty well.  The Husband and I tested a broken one and it tasted really good!  I don’t know how soon I’ll bake something else but it’s nice to know that I can do it if I just try.


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