Five for Friday

It’s Friday – yay!  My Five for Friday is very heavy on the fall/Halloween theme this week as tomorrow is October after all! This week – five things I’m looking forward to:


Tomorrow I’m going out to Long Island and will be stopping by the place we always go to get our pumpkins – Hicks Nursery.  It’s fun to pick out a pumpkin and a candy apple or two.  They even have a walk-through story about Otto the Ghost’s Halloween. Of course it’s for kids, but the adults get a kick out of it too!


Apple Cider

My favorite apple cider can be found at the Jericho Cider Mill – a farmhouse and mill built in 1918 that also features amazing pies, crumbles, jams, etc.  Their cider is the best I’ve ever tasted!  The only ingredient – fresh apples.  And I think their slogan “Live Happily Appely” is just too cute!



Since Saturday is October 1st, I think I can officially begin decorating for Halloween.  🙂 And I hope to have some pics on the blog next week!


Ghost Tour

I’ve mentioned that The Husband and I like to go on these silly ghost tours, which actually do a nice job of relaying some unheard history of an area.  We’re going to do another hometown one in the East Village.  This tour takes you back to the beginning of NYC when it was still known as New Amsterdam, complete with stories about Peter Styvusant – and a visit to his burial place. Spooky!



I have all of these cute vintage plaid skirts that I’ve been itching to wear.  Since the weather’s finally going to be cooler this week, I think I’ll pair one with black tights, a simple black top and my fun red patent stacked heels.  Nothing like dressing up to make you feel good!


Have a great weekend!


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