Dreaming of Almond Lattes

Sometimes something as simple as a great cup of coffee can really put a smile on my face.

I used to love ordering almond lattes at Starbucks – it was such a great mid-afternoon treat. But then, perhaps a year ago, Starbucks phased out their almond syrup! Since then, I’ve been craving a great almond latte and I’ve gotten one here or there, but they have never measured up.


So I was so happy when I found almond syrup (naturally sweetened BTW) at my local Homegoods yesterday. I can’t wait to put a spoonful in my coffee and (hopefully) be transported back to my almond latte days.


What are the little things that make you happy?



  1. For me its a perfect cup of espresso, which is nearly impossible to find. I’ve had a few truelly brilliant one (mostly in Italy of course) and all the others just don’t live up. But oh the joy when I find a good one! Hope you almond latte is all you hoped. xo


  2. Hmmm… I’ve had pumpkin lattes never heard of almond… will have to check it out! Lattes make me happy too and new lipgloss, creamy pumpkin scented candles and finding a great book!! xo


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