Walking Into History

This weekend was filled with lots of historical discoveries.

On Saturday night, we took a ghost tour around NYC’s East Village.  The starting point was the St. Marks in the Bowery church where Peter Stuyvesant is buried.  It’s funny, but in all my years living in the city (and 3 of them spent living one block from this church), I never ventured inside its courtyard.  We saw many interesting things while in there:

St. Marks in the Bowery church

Original church bell from the 1700's

Marker for Stuyvesant's burial place

The man himself

The weather was crisp and clear Sunday so I decided to take a long walk.  There’s a street that I drive through every day but I can’t explore it while I’m doing so (obviously!)  It’s very hilly and steep so I really got a workout while walking.  But I also got to discover a lot of really cool history.

I live right near a spot where a Revolutionary War battle was fought and there’s a lot of signage and markers dedicated to remembering the battle.  It was really great to be able to stop and read up on some history while enjoying the great weather.











I then made my way to another small park where I found this display also dedicated to the Revolutionary War battle.

And I noticed this written in the corner of the plaque.

I wonder where Mitchell may be these days…


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