A Great Fall Fashion Find


Today I’m linking up with Heather at Big City Belle for her Fall in Love series!

I like to dress up. Don’t get me wrong – I also like relaxing on the couch in my sweats. But I’ve always been one to put on a skirt or dress as my go-to look. This weekend, I was on the hunt for a cute sweater dress. I like sweater dresses because they’re easy, comfy and versatile.

I first tried H&M but the only one they had was way too short for my liking. I think right above the knee is the best length. Plus, they only had my size in black and I have plenty of black clothes already. So when I happened to be in Target shopping for toiletries, I was pleasantly surprised to see this:


It’s comfy and cute and I’m already thinking of different ways to wear it. I have tons of different shoes that can change the look of the dress in an instant. Also, pairing it up with different accessories, or perhaps a belt can give it a whole new look.

What are some of your go-to Fall fashion finds?



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