I’m Thankful For My Guilty Pleasures!

Hello, today is the first in a series of link-ups for the Plenty to be Thankful For blog challenge! You can go here to find out more about the topics and link up! First up – Guilty Pleasures.

OK, we all have them. One of mine is soap operas – more specifically One Life to Live. But not only is it a guilty pleasure, it also holds a very special place in my heart.

It all began when I was about 7 (yes 7) and would sometimes stay at my grandparents house on summer days. At 2PM, my grandmother would make some coffee, get a dessert (frequently a Stella D’Oro anisette toast – yum!) and watch her “stories”. So I watched along with her. 😉

And from then on, whenever I was over their house and 2PM rolled around, we’d sit together with our treats and watch OLTL. Of course I didn’t know most of what was going on but it was a nice moment to share with her. As the years went on, I started watching the show more frequently, getting to know all of the ins and outs of the citizens of Llanview – who came back from the dead, who’s really his own evil twin – simple stuff like that!

But I hadn’t watched the show in a few years and when I heard it was going off the air this January, it made me a bit nostalgic. My grandmother passed away almost 13 years ago and I know if she was still here, she’d be watching the show until its finale. So now I’ve gotten sucked back in and it’s almost like I never left. Same characters, same dramas – gotta love it! There’s talk the show will continue online after January. Which would suit me just fine. I’ll get the coffee and cookies ready and cozy up to the laptop screen. 🙂

Photo of my grandparents



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