Five for Friday – Philly Style

We’re heading to Philadelphia for the weekend so I thought I’d do a special Five for Friday in honor of this “lovable” city.

The Rocky Statue

OK, we each took our best “fighter” pics with the statue last time we were in town but of course we have to go see it again. And maybe this time, we’ll race to the top of the museum too!


We had sort of a debacle on our last trip in that no matter what we did, we could not make our way to the dueling cheesesteak stands. It was like that scene in European Vacation – “I just can’t get left.” Every way we turned was a dead-end. Now that we have a GPS, we should be on our way to cheesesteak goodness.

City Tavern

This is a cute, authentic restaurant that dates back to the 1700’s. It’s really quaint and cozy. I plan on getting warm apple cider and relaxing there (perhaps with a dessert too!)

Reading Terminal Market

I love this indoor marketplace and I can’t wait to get some fudge from the local Amish food stall.

Ghost Tour

Yes, we’re suckers for these things. We took one last time we were in Philly on one of the coldest nights I’ve ever experienced. Hoping the weather’s somewhat warmer this time – but not too warm since I want to enjoy that warm apple cider after the tour.

Have a great weekend!

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