My Christmas Wish List

Today’s blog challenge topic – Christmas Wish List!

This is a fun one because there are so many things I can think of!  Here’s a sampling of what I’d like (especially if I had unlimited funds)  🙂

Cartier tank solo

I’m actually saving up to buy myself this watch.  It’s an absolute classic and I’m almost to my goal!

Marc Jacobs or Chloe bag

These bags are classic – great styles and leathers.

Aquamarine ring

More specifically an emerald cut with a halo of diamonds.  Think I’ve been obsessing about this for a while?

Second eternity band

I’d love to be able to stack my bands when the mood strikes.  I don’t want it to match my band exactly but have the same vintage feel.

Kate Spade bag

Such a pretty color!

J. Crew sweater (unfortunately sold out – please make more J. Crew!!!)

OK – I keep telling myself, buy it when you see it but then I never listen.  I saw this sweater in the store on Black Friday yet I didn’t even try it on.  You snooze, you lose.

Taschen books

These books are just so well put together and a real feast for the eyes.  Great coffee table books!

What’s on your wish list?

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