New Year’s Eve and a Quicky Five for Friday

Last day of the blog challenge – I’ve had  a lot of fun!

I feel like New Year’s Eve can often be a letdown.  People usually end up paying way too much money to go to an overcrowded bar and not even get that much to eat or drink. Some of my favorite New Year’s were ones spent just hanging out with good friends.

Back in high school and college, I went to many gatherings at friends homes.  We’d order food, hang out and watch the ball drop.  Simple and fun.

I have never and will never go to Times Square during New Year’s Eve.  You can quote me on this.

New Year’s Eve 2007 was memorable because it was the first one spent with The Husband.    His band played a show that night and afterwards, we all went out dancing and had a really great time.

Last year was spent at a friend’s apartment in NYC.  We ate, played games and watched cheesy youtube videos of Guns & Roses.  And when midnight struck, we could see the fireworks from Times Square without having to be in the madness.  A great evening!

This year, we plan on going to a friend’s house to celebrate their birthday.  Should be another fun time!

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

And for a condensed version of Five for Friday:
I’m looking forward to my second orchestra concert of the season

Decorating the tree!

Selling off some old books and CD’s for a bit of found spending money

Getting into the Christmas spirit with music, movies and specials

Wrapping gifts

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