Month: January 2012

Best Date Ever

I’m linking up today for the Fabulous Valentine Challenge – you can find out about it here!

Today’s topic is “Best Date Ever.” The Husband and I have been on so many great dates – some very simple and some more elaborate. But one of our more recent best dates was my birthday weekend surprise this past summer. The Husband surprised me with a stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC. The best thing about staying there is it grants you access to the private Gramercy Park. We were able to stroll around in quiet solitude as the city buzzed around us.

We then went to dinner at a hidden gem of a restaurant, Riverpark, and had an amazing dinner.

After dinner, it was off to Greenwich Village for a ghost tour and stroll around the West Village – with some gelato at Amorino along the way.

The next morning, we had brunch at L’Express and walked around Eataly, browsing all of the treats. A perfect birthday weekend!

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Go for the Goal

Today I’m linking up with  Meghan at The Perfect Compilation Tape , Lori at A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side, Meghan at little girl in the big world and Whitney at The Land of Sunshine for the new blog series – Go for the Goal.

I know it’s only January 27th, but so far I think I’m doing pretty well on my New Year’s goals.  I also recently started reading a book called Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser, which shows you how writing down what you want to achieve (no matter how impossible or implausible it may seem) can really help you achieve your goals and keep you accountable for attaining them.

So far, I’ve done some things I’ve set out to do including:

Take a Bar Method class.  It was much more intense than I was expecting, but I thought it was a great workout, and would definitely go back.

Eat healthier.  I think this is a constant work-in-progress, but I think I’ve been doing well at this and have now found the joys of making homemade smoothies and cooking more dinners at home – gotta love experimenting with the crock pot!

Join the Jr. League.

This is something I’ve been interested in learning about for a while so I went to a new member’s coffee this week and am interested in seeing where this takes me.

What goals are you working on?

And I don’t want to forget Five for Friday!  This week I’m looking forward to:

Going to the Spa

The Husband got me a weekend spa getaway package for Christmas so I can’t wait to relax and get pampered!

The Mohegan Sun

I’m not a gambler at all, but it’s near the spa and they have some nice restaurants and shops that I thought we could check out when we get there tonight.


I don’t really need anything but I haven’t been to the mall in a while, so I’d like to go and take a stroll around.  And of course stop at Nordstrom’s for another honey almond latte – yum!

Crock Pot

Maybe we’ll experiment with a new recipe this Sunday.  That’s always a great day to try a nice warm meal in the crock pot.


OK, I missed class this week (but took a Bar Method class instead), so it’s time to get back on track and return to Zumba next week.

Happy Friday!


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Who Are You?

I started writing this blog almost 6 months ago. Wow – I can’t believe it’s already been that long! And I’ve been having a great time!

I began with the intention of writing for myself and if anyone else happened to read it, then that was fantastic too. Along the way I’ve found some wonderful blogs and bloggers and am still happily surprised whenever I get a lovely comment.

I wanted to keep somewhat anonymous here – only a few people in real life even know I have a blog. But I’ve come to realize that it’s really nice to match the face with the blogger. So, I’ve added my picture (front-facing this time) to my sidebar! I know this doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it is to me. It almost makes my blogging feel even more real to me and I’m glad as time goes on, that we can all keep getting to know one another and evolve in new ways each day. 🙂

Mom’s Chicken and Rice

Well I think I may be getting the hang of this cooking thing after all!  The Husband and I usually try to cook together but if one of us can’t be there, go it on our own.  And last night I made my mom’s chicken and rice recipe – and it came out great!  (If I do say so myself)  😉

She got the recipe from a co-worker about 30 years ago!  When I called her for it, she gave me a lot of “approximate” measurements.  Gotta love those old-school Italians! But I followed it and viola – chicken and rice!  Here’s the “recipe” if you’d like to try it yourself!

1.5 pounds boneless chicken thighs (she uses bone-in thighs and legs but I figured this was a bit simpler)
1 medium onion rough chopped
garlic powder (I like this one )
olive oil
1 cup uncooked rice (recipe to follow)
chicken bullion cubes (or chicken stock)

Pre-heat oven to 400

Season chicken with sprinkling of garlic and paprika on both sides

Place chicken into lightly oiled baking pan and sprinkle with half of the chopped onion and a drizzle of oil to keep moist
Cook on 400 for 30 minutes – turning over after 20 minutes
Lower heat to 350 and cook for another 20 minutes – adding the rest of the onion
While the chicken is cooking, boil the rice with a few bullion cubes in the water or a water/stock mixture (about 2 cups of liquid)

When the rice and chicken are both done, remove chicken from pan and add rice to pan, mixing it with the onions and drippings

Place chicken on top of rice mixture and cook for 10 more minutes

Serve and enjoy!

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  I didn’t do my Five for Friday last week, so I’m back to it today!  This week I’m looking forward to:

Dinner Tonight
Going out for date night with The Husband.  He likes Mexican food and I don’t particularly care for it, but we found a nice place in town called Vega that has some good choices on the menu – including tableside-prepared guacomole!  Yum!
My gym recently added a Sunday morning class that I really like so I’m going to drag myself out of bed and go again this weekend. It’s really a great way to start the day.

Jr. League Meeting
My local Jr. League is having a coffee for potential members.  I think I’ll go check it out as I’ve been interested in learning about them for some time.
Relaxing Sunday
After the gym, I plan to do some shopping, do some reading and maybe watch a movie. Lazy Sunday!
New Recipe
I think we’re going to try making my mom’s chicken and rice recipe this week.  It’s so flavorful and a perfect dish for a cold night.  Yum again!
Have a great weekend!

It’s OK Thursday

I’m linking up with Amber and Neely today for their It’s OK Thursdays series!

This is my first crack at this so here goes.  It’s OK:

That I worry too much sometimes (OK, all the time) – I think I just have perfectionist tendencies (which I’m trying to work on!!)

That sometimes when I’m not that hungry and don’t know what I want, I have cereal for dinner

To watch Mob Wives and Real Housewives and freely admit it

To be sad that One Life to Live is no longer on the air

To plan out when I get gas in my car since I use full service and there aren’t many of those around

To dream big and get really excited about it!

What’s OK with you??

The Night Circus

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.” – The Night Circus

I’ve just finished reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and I really enjoyed it. I first read about this book in the British edition of Marie Claire as I waited at Heathrow Airport for a flight home. It took a while, but I finally received it after being something like 120th in line on my library’s wait list.

I’ve read some mixed reviews but I for one thought that the book was pretty magical. With all of the vivid descriptions of the various circus tents, objects, colors and even smells practically jump off the page. This is a fantastical story about love, challenges and believing in magic. It makes you feel like almost anything can happen. I definitely recommend this book for any dreamers out there! And here are some images I thought really capture the essence of The Night Circus:

Read any good books lately?

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