One Live to Live

Well, I can’t believe the day has finally come, but today is the last episode of One Life to Live. I know that most people think soap operas are silly (and that’s why there’s so few of them left) but as I said here, OLTL holds a very special place in my heart and I will be sad to see it go.

My grandmother watched it every day and referred to the show as her “story.” I would watch it with her when I was at her house or if she was over at mine. Right before 2PM, we’d get our treats ready – some cookies and coffee (or mostly milk with some coffee in it for me). I was 7 years old – I can’t believe she let me watch, but I didn’t know most of what was going on!

The woman who started me on this crazy show!

As I got older, I would come home from high school and sit down in the TV room at 2PM, with my dog Snoopy at my side and cup of coffee in hand and watch the show. In college, I would watch if I didn’t have class or I’d tape it. I even got my roommate to watch along with me. 🙂

I'd have one of these...

while watching here

As I started working, I’d tape the show or watch it on Soapnet. But I had stopped watching regularly a few years back. When I heard it was being cancelled, I started tuning in again and these last couple of months have brought some great shows. I still can’t believe how long I’ve been watching and how many memories I have of this show. Most importantly, it was another link to my grandmother, who is no longer with us.

Tonight as I sit down to watch the last episode (saved on my DVR), I’ll brew a pot of coffee and get some snacks ready as I reminisce of all the memories I have from the denizens of Llanview. Thanks for the ride!


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