Five for Friday

Yay for Friday and short work weeks! This weekend will be a quiet and relaxing one.  The Husband is on a work trip and I’ll be spending some time at my parents house.  I’m looking forward to:

I don’t get to Target that often, so when I do make a trip there, I like to check out all the various items they have, whether it be fun snacks, knick-knacks or even those $1 bins for things you never needed but somehow can’t pass up.  😉

Jr. League meeting
This will be the first meeting where they let us know about the New Members project so I’m excited to learn more about it and get started.

This seems to be a recurring theme here but you know when you really love a particular item but don’t have a chance to get it that often?  There’s a place near my parents house that makes an amazing, fresh grandma pie, which will be dinner tonight!


I need lamps for our bedroom.  It’s only been almost two years since we moved in.  😉  But I’m looking for pretty and stylish lamps for the bedside tables.  They don’t have to match but I would like them to compliment each other.  Something along the lines of these:

Off to Homegoods I go!

Whole Foods
Again, not a place I get to that often (it’s near Target and I don’t love the parking situation) but when I do go, I love to look around and stock up on favorite treats – including their chocolate raisins!

Happy Friday!

Images via pinterest and google



  1. Yum to Whole Foods. It’s one of my fav groceries (probably more-so because I lived in Austin). You should check out Justin’s Nut Butter if you haven’t before. So good, so many flavors, so addictive (for me, at least.) Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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