Gaining on your Goals

Hello – I am back!  I’ve been away for a bit and haven’t been able to post as frequently. But I had a huge work event all last weekend that I was preparing for and also worked at. It all went very well and now I’m happy to be back at my blog. Oh and did I mention that I need a fantastic massage like right now?  Well, I do!

Anyway, today I wanted to write about goals.  I think that I have set some great goals – some small, some big, some fluffy and some serious.

I think the key to attaining these goals and keeping yourself accountable to them is to write them down and continually write about your progress as well as any setbacks you may be experiencing.

One book I really like is Write it Down, Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser, which I’ve mentioned on the blog before.

I try to re-visit my goals and write about my progress every two weeks or so. Now, obviously not every goal can have loads of progress every two weeks, but I still think it’s a good plan to keep on a schedule and see how you can keep on track and make any necessary changes towards gaining achievement.

How are you doing with your goals?  Do you have any tips to share regarding staying on track?

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  1. Thanks for sweet words on my blog:) If you want you can follow me on twitter and facebook:) I will follow you. about that goal thing…try see the things you want in the future as if the already has happened. Like the book The secret-thing….it really works:)
    Have a lovely weekend

    LOVE Maria


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