A Nod to Newport

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Newport, RI, went to a wedding and had an overall great time! Traffic wasn’t too kind to us on Friday, but we finally made it up there around 9pm and ventured to the Hotel Viking for a welcome drink hosted by the bride and groom.

The Hotel Viking

Saturday afternoon was spent strolling around Newport, checking out the various shops and relaxing by the water. We had lunch at a nice restaurant called Gas Lamp Grille and then got some fresh iced tea and sat watching all the boats sail by.

Saturday night was the wedding and it was really lovely. The guests were transported to Mount Hope Farm in a trolley and the wedding was held in an old barn with lots of rustic touches.

On Sunday morning, the newlyweds hosted a brunch at the Atlantic Beach Club and afterwards, The Husband and I toured Marble House, one of the famous Newport mansions. The house was in the Vanderbilt family, and its design was based on the Petit Trianon at Versailles. Having visited Versailles this past summer, it was interesting to see the 19th century American take on it.  Parts of the movie The Great Gatsby were also filmed at Marble House.

Atlantic Beach Club

Marble House

We had a great time in Newport and can’t wait to go on our next adventure!

Images of Atlantic Beach Club and Hotel Viking via Google and Pinterest


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