The Jersey Shore and Me

We just returned from a trip down to the Jersey shore – Wildwood Crest to be exact. The Husband’s family rented a condo for the week and he and I went down for the last few days. Now to be honest, I am not one for lounging at the beach or the pool on vacation. I’m just not a beach person and I like to get up and go and explore the new locale I’m in when I’m away. If you love lounging, Wildwood Crest is for you. The place we stayed at was very nice, but unfortunately not in walking distance to any attractions. So we got in the car Friday night and made our way to the boardwalk.

I had never been to the Jersey shore before so it was fun to walk around and see all the dizzying sites of t-shirt hawkers, funnel cakes, salt water taffy shops and extreme rides. It is definitely a great people-watching spot for sure.
On Saturday morning, I took a walk down Atlantic Avenue where many of the motels are located. This was so fascinating to me because they all look like they were built in the 1950’s and never renovated. Just the motel names and their signs were enough to hold my interest!
That afternoon, The Husband and I took a short ride to Cape May, which was a lovely town with cute shops and restaurants and plenty of old Victorian houses in a rainbow of colors. We took a historic trolley tour through the town and had a great time.
I can’t say I need to go back to the Jersey shore anytime soon, but it was definitely an experience I’m glad I had.

Image of Cape May houses via pinterest



  1. I used to be able to sit on the beach all day but now I get restless and I worry about too much sun. I bet that the Jersey Shore was an interesting spot to people watch!


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