Month: August 2012

Modern and Chic

I’ve been working on ideas for the nursery, and my vision is something that I feel is both modern and shabby-chic at the same time. Is that even possible? I think so!

Here are some of the pieces I believe could work, mixed in with some items I already plan on using in the space. You’ll find out what I’ve actually used once I do the big reveal! But trust me, that won’t happen for a while as the room is still being used as a holding ground for baby clothes, diapers, guitars, books, you name it!

Via EightLotsRoad on Etsy

This gilded mirror is perfect for a wall collage


Via Seal Design Studio on Etsy

 A dreamy night in Paris


Via Miss Muffet’s Tuffets on Etsy

The perfect fabric



Modern yet glam


Kate Spade Elephant bank

Cute yet clean and simple

Via Olive and Garland on Etsy

Love the subtle geometric feel

via C. Wonder

These monogram plates are very retro chic

What do you think?


Falling for Fall

There are so many activities I’m looking forward to doing this fall that I thought I’d do a round-up here of some of them:

Getting apples/pumpkins/cider

I love doing this and these are my favorite places to go:

Hicks Nursery – for pumpkins, decorations and of course, Otto the Ghost’s Halloween spectacular  😉

Jericho Cider Mill – hands down, the best and freshest cider I’ve ever tasted. They also sell a variety of apples, pies and jams – and their apple crumble is amazing!

Westchester Greenhouse – for pumpkins, local produce and baked goods.

Book sales

Two of our local libraries hold annual book sales each fall. It’s a great place to wander around and leisurely check out what books we want to add to our ever-growing library.

Blue Hill Farms/Stone Barns

This local farm/restaurant is a really fun place to go in the fall. You can walk around the grounds and see all of the different animals and vegetation. There is also a shop, cafe and world-class restaurant on the premises. Sadly last time we went, they were taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys – and then we ended up walking past said turkeys, oblivious to their fate!

The Cloisters

I know, I know, I’ve been saying for a while that I want to go here, but I do think it might be best to take a trip there this fall when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp.


I have to say, I do enjoy going to a game or two each season. And this year we’re taking a road trip to Pittsburgh to watch the Jets play the Steelers. So we get to see a game while taking a mini-vacation at the same time.

What’s on your list of fun fall activities?

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From Red to Tan

Well we are starting the process of getting our second bedroom ready to become the nursery! When we moved in 2 years ago, The Husband really wanted a red room. This was really the only thing he asked for design-wise, so I obliged, even though I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. We tried many paint samples and ended up with Benjamin Moore’s Caliente and I was really pleasantly surprised with the results. 

We turned the room into our office/reading/music room and decorated with an eclectic mix of books, travel photos and vintage posters. Unfortunately I never took a picture of the completed space, but this is what the paint color looked like.


Well, Caliente is no longer and we have changed the walls to Behr’s Smoked Oyster. I knew I didn’t want a standard “pink for girls” color scheme, instead opting for something that was more of a soft grey/taupe color, and Smoked Oyster did the trick. It’s a bit lighter than I expected but I really like the soft tones. We’re keeping the couch in here since it doubles as a pull-out bed and will also work well for middle of the night feedings.


(Not the best picture, but you get the idea)


The crib is assembled and now we just have to get a dresser, book shelf/shelving and the most important part – decorations and accessories!  😉  I’ve been getting a lot of finds on Etsy and am using some prints from my own library of books. I can’t wait to do more in this room and share the results with everyone. Stay tuned!

Also, I did promise The Husband that his red room will make another appearance once we get a house.  🙂


You Better Work!

I’ve written here how I joined my local Junior League last year. So far it’s been a great experience. I’ve met a lot of like-minded women and have been able to do some good in my community.

Now they have my stepping out of my comfort zone – I am going to be strutting down the runway in a charity fashion show at our local chichi mall!  There are 10 of us participating but I’ll be the only one who’ll be 7 months pregnant at the time!!  Haha – hopefully they can create a couture muumuu for me!

In all seriousness, they are going to have fashions created by local design students and we’ll be beautified with hair and make up while showing off some surely gorgeous clothes – and all for a good cause! The show isn’t until October, so I have some time to brace myself for it.

The year 2012 just keeps getting better – I’m taking risks, trying new things and making this year my own!
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Eating our way through Chicago

I wanted to do a round-up of some of the great restaurants we tried while in Chicago. Everything we had was really tasty, with good portions, and I have to say, very reasonable prices.

You can’t go to Chicago without trying deep dish pizza, right? So why not try three?  😉  We started our pizza adventure with Giordano’s. Now, this pizza goes way beyond deep dish, as it has an extra layer of crust on top making it a stuffed pizza. We ordered the small which came with 6 (!!) slices!  We could barely get through 2 each, but it was so delicious.
That night, we headed to Wicker Park and checked out the BBQ at Lillie’s Q. The Husband had pulled chicken and I had the pulled pork and they were both so good! The table comes complete with a variety of sauces to try and each one had its own unique flavor.
Thursday morning brought us to Yolk for a hearty breakfast. I ordered the stuffed peach crepes, hold the Grand Marnier please. I know alcohol mostly cooks off when heated but I didn’t want to chance it and frankly, I’m just not a fan of Grand Marnier. This was the only place we had a little snafu b/c my dish came with the liquor doused all over it. Then the chef came out to tell me making it without would compromise the taste of her creation. So what? That’s what I asked for, so I really don’t mind. Peach crepes take two were very tasty – I just hope nobody spit in my food! 😉
Deep dish pizza number 2 came courtesy of the original Gino’s East off of Michigan Avenue. This was a traditional deep dish and a bit smaller than Giordano’s. Still very good, but I think Giordano’s had the edge over Gino’s.

The aftermath

Heading over to Andersonville, we ate at the Hopleaf Brewery, sharing a very tasty brisket sandwich and a mountain of fries!

The next day brought lunch at RJ Grunt’s in Lincoln Park. Apparently they invented the salad bar when they opened in 1971. I don’t know how true this is, but the salad bar certainly featured a ton of options.

I opted for a barbecued chicken sandwich with bacon and frizzled onions – yum! Our waitress asked if it was our first time there and as it was, they brought us a surprise dessert at the end – a warm chocolate chip cookie sundae! If we had known, we would have saved some more room for dessert. 🙂

The French Market is a new indoor specialty foods market that reminded me of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We stopped in for lunch on Saturday and had another great pulled chicken sandwich from Flip Crepes and a cherry pastry from Delightful Pastries to chase it down!
Our third and final stop on our deep dish quest was Lou Malnati’s. This was another fantastic option – yet the only one that wasn’t messy enough to need a knife and fork. While I really liked it, I still have to say, Giordano’s was our clear winner!

And since I had to see what all the hype was about, I got the Chicago mix (cheddar and caramel) at Garret’s popcorn. The line wasn’t too long so we got a small bag.

I was not going to spend $35 on popcorn just to get a commemorative tin! It was good, so at least I can say I’ve tried it. Even though when I got there, I found out that there’s one in Penn Station – ha!  Oh well – at least I can say I got mine in Chicago and not in NY.

Chicago was a great city to visit and to eat in and we can’t wait to go back again!

Salad bar, brisket and popcorn images via

Chicago – My Kind of Town

I’m back! We got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago earlier this week – and we had such a fantastic time!
We arrived last Wednesday and checked into the Millennium Knickerbocker, which was very nice and right off of Michigan Avenue, aka The Magnificent Mile.  We did so much during our time there – here are some of the highlights:
Architectural Boat Tour
Relaxing while a boat took us down and back up the river, while we learned about the history of Chicago and many of the buildings lining its skyline.
Art Institute of Chicago
They have a great permanent collection including A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat, Chagall’s America Windows and many of Van Gogh’s paintings. We were able to view the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit as well as a photo exhibit on NYC.
Exploring different neighborhoods

We went to Wicker Park, a trendy, hipster-type area and walked around the different shops. They also have some cool restaurants and bars and we had a great BBQ dinner that night. The area reminded me a lot of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Andersonville and Wrigleyville were also a lot of fun – we started out on Southport Avenue and walked to Wrigley Field to hang out across the street at the Cubby Bear Bar while the Cubs played the Cincinnati Reds. We then made our way to Andersonville and explored North Clark Street.

Lincoln Park is also a lovely part of town and we visited the zoo, explored Oz Park and strolled down the streets.
Ghost Tour
This is the first ghost tour that took us around on a bus, so we were able to cover a very large area. We saw the site of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, amongst other spooky sites. 
John Hancock Tower
Up to the 94th floor to take in panoramic views of the city. It was a lot of fun to see the town from this perspective. 
Millennium Park
Home of “The Bean” art sculpture among many other cool art pieces. We sat here and relaxed as a free opera concert was going on mere feet away from us.
Next up – the food of Chicago!

Birthday and a Broadway Show

Last week was my birthday, so The Husband and I celebrated on Saturday with a day in the city.

First, he surprised me with tickets to see Evita on Broadway. And it was really good! I had only ever seen the movie, so when I heard the show was being revived on Broadway, I really wanted to go and The Husband remembered!  Ricky Martin is one of the stars and I have to say, he was very good in the role. I remember seeing him in Les Miserables back in the mid-90’s.  Haha  😉

You know, whenever I have to be in Times Square for something, I walk to my destination as quickly as possible. It’s not a place I like to stroll or linger. So, I’ve never really looked at this statue of George M. Cohan (subject of one of my favorite movies, Yankee Doodle Dandy) up close before. I stumbled upon it while buying water from a vendor. Sometimes it really is good to slow down and take in your surroundings.

After the show, we made our way downtown to have dinner at John’s of 12th Street. I’ve always heard good things about this restaurant, but even having lived only 3 blocks from it for 3 years, had never been. The food was delicious and the wait staff very attentive. I had the pappardelle with meat ragu and practically devoured the whole thing!

Needing to walk off our dinners, we made our way to Union Square, shopped around a bit and then sat in the park, relaxed and did some old-fashioned people-watching. It was a great day and a fun way to spend my birthday!