Month: September 2012

“Fall Into Fall” Swap

I recently participated in the Fall Into Fall blog swap hosted by Neely, Erin and Tracy.

I was teamed up with Kristyn of Chits and Giggles and we got to know each other a bit through email. We each had $20 to spend on fun items for the Fall and Kristyn did a great job!  Here’s my loot:

Pumpkin Spice Candle

Perfect to light on a crisp fall afternoon or evening, it’s a great scent to accompany a nice cup of tea of coffee, a good book and a relaxing moment.

Essie nail polish in Recessionista

Great plummy color, perfect for the fall. I may wear it this weekend!

Owl-shaped Candle

Very cute! I think this might work well in our nursery decor (but you’ll just have to wait and see on that one)

Thanks Kristyn!

You’re in Steelers Country

We had a great time in Pittsburgh this past weekend. The drive there wasn’t too bad (especially since we left at 6am when there was no traffic).  When we got there, it was time to explore the town.

Pittsburgh is located on the Ohio River and there are many, many bridges throughout the city. There are also two inclines that take you up to the Mt. Washington section of town. We decided to ride a cable car up the Duquesne incline, walk about a mile along the river and then go back down the Monongahela incline.

After our little excursion, it was time for food!  And where else to go while in Pittsburgh but Pramanti’s. We were in Market Square, so we happened upon that location. Wow – the sandwiches are no joke! I wasn’t able to eat everything, but made a valiant effort!

After dinner, The Husband and I took a ghost tour around town, which was a fun way to see the sites and learn some interesting history. We also passed the hotel that the Jets were staying at, so that was a nice little bonus.

They were throwing beads like it was Mardi Gras!

On game day, we were fortunate enough to get a shuttle from our hotel to the bridge that leads you to Heinz Stadium. It’s really cool over there – lots of restaurants and bars around the stadium and everyone just hanging out and having a great time. Much better than MetLife Stadium (sorry, but it’s true!)

Me and The Husband headed to the stadium

After some all-in-good-fun ribbing and meeting some nice folks, we headed into the stadium for the game. Unfortunately the Jets lost, but being there was a great experience. I even bought a Terrible Towel as a souvenir.

We got a quick dinner at Quaker Steak & Lube and some ice cream and Dave & Andy’s and called it a night.

What a fun trip and I can’t wait to see where our next adventure will take us!

Fall Fashion Fun

Fall is almost officially here so I thought I would do a rundown of the fashions I am coveting this season.
Comfy sweater

You can never go wrong with this fall staple. They are so cozy and are just the right thing for a crisp day – perhaps spent outside picking apples or pumpkins.


Boots are another must-have.  Tall or short, find the perfect pair for you and strut your stuff!

Slouchy leather bag

I have a great black one but would love another in brown, burgundy or forest green.

What’s on your fall fashion must-have list?

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Pittsburgh Paradise

This weekend, we’re going to Pittsburgh to see the Jets play the Steelers. I’ve never been there before, so I’m looking forward to it.  We usually take a short trip the weekend before Thanksgiving but since I’ll be about 37 weeks pregnant at that time, we’re doing it a bit earlier this year!

I’m sure it’s going to be a fun time – but since I’ve never been to an away-game, I’m not sure how hardcore Steelers fans may be – especially when they see us in full Jets green!  😉

While in Pittsburgh, there are a few places I would like to check out:

Pramanti Brothers

I’ve heard a lot about this famous sandwich shop while watching a few food shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network. They pack everything into their sandwiches including fries and a vinegar-based cole slaw. I’m looking forward to tasting what all the fuss is about!

The Church Brew Works

The Husband was here when he visited Pittsburgh on a baseball trip about 4 years ago. It’s a brewery/restaurant located in an old, converted church – a unique dining experience.

Ghost Tour

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know by now that we like to go on ghost tours in each city we visit and Pittsburgh is no exception!

The drive there is long (almost 7 hours!) and we’ll only be there for one full day plus 2 travel days. So we don’t have a lot of time, but I would like to do some more activities if possible. Maybe find a great place for brunch or a historical site to check out.

What are some of your suggestions for fun things to do in Pittsburgh?

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My New Chapter

This is a very important and personal post for me to write.  I am due to give birth in about three months (OMG! – excited, scared, a million different emotions!).  I have made the decision to become a full-time mom and while I am a bit scared of the unknown, I’m also excited about the challenges it will bring and how it can also help shape my life and make me a better person.

With that being said, I am also proud to be taking on more freelance writing jobs! I’ve written about this in the past, and I have been getting some steady work. I’m proud to say I have just launched my own professional website!  You can find it here (I know, shameless plug – but I’m so happy that I finally did it!). I’ll also link to it on the sidebar. I am totally putting myself out there now – no turning back. While that can be very daunting, I know I have to face my fears and start the next phase of my career.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. I realize that I won’t have tons of free time with a newborn at home, but there are ways to make this work, especially when it’s something you really want!

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Change is in the Air

The first day of school is upon us! It always makes me think of new beginnings. It’s almost like getting a fresh start – even if you’re not starting a new school year.

I love that the weather is also changing a bit – even if its been really rainy here. I know that soon the leaves will be changing colors and the air will be getting crisper. And I for one can’t wait.

I also start orchestra tomorrow – it feels like so long since I’ve been there, which was really only last May. I want to savor the Fall and hope the time doesn’t slip by too quickly as I feel the summer did.

Happy school year/Fall/new beginnings to you!  🙂

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