A Haunting Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think it stems from being a little kid and having free reign to ask for as much free candy as you like – for just one night of the year! I remember dumping my loot out on the kitchen table and my parents inspecting it, then finding 1 or 2 small pieces in my lunch box for the foreseeable future.

I also love the Fall season and there’s something so perfect about the cool, crisp weather, falling leaves, pumpkins and the like. Here are some decor ideas that I think could make for the perfect Halloween celebration.

I really love the look of white pumpkins – I just think they’re so chic and elegant. So I always pick up a few for the season and they last a fairly long time. This is my own small display:

Here are some fun ways to incorporate skulls into your Halloween display:

These look like Day of the Dead skulls to me, but since the holidays are so close to each other, I think they work perfectly for Halloween as well.

An understated way to add a bit of mystery.

These string lights can help add a soft glow to your Halloween celebration.

What’s on your Halloween decor list?

Images via pinterest and google


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