My Birth Story

I thought I would write up a condensed version of my birth story for the blog (even though it may seem a bit long to read). Although labor is a very hard and exhausting ordeal, luckily for me I feel like the anticipation of the unknown was a lot worse than the reality of it all. And it really helps to have great care and coaches from my doctor, nurses, and of course The Husband.

On Monday, Dec. 10, I went to my doctor’s appointment as I was 2 days past my due date. I had a non-stress test and the baby was fine. The dr. checked me and said I would probably go into labor on my own before having to be induced that Friday. I made an appointment to come back on Thurs if I hadn’t gone into labor.

After the Dr., The Husband and I went to the mall to walk all around to try and get things moving. We walked the entirety of all three floors. Later that night, we did the same thing at another area mall.
I woke up around 6:30 on Tuesday morning with cramps. I had had them on and off for a few weeks but these somehow felt different. So I laid on the couch to try and rest. When The Husband got up around 8, I told him this might be it and we should keep our eyes on things. My cramps would come and go in waves, so we started timing them. At first they were 12, 15, 10 minutes apart and by 1PM, they were about 6 minutes apart for an hour. Soon after, he called the doctor’s office and they said to go to the hospital.  We were sent right up to labor and delivery where a nurse took me to a triage room to get checked. She said I was 3-4cm so I would be staying. We had to wait a bit for a room and while waiting, the contractions were getting worse, but I could handle the pain and said I didn’t want an epidural too soon b/c I didn’t know how long I’d be in labor. I really thought it would take a while and that we would have a 12-12-12 baby.

By around 3pm, the room was ready so we went there and decided to take a walk around the ward.  I had to stop a few times for contractions and they were getting pretty bad.  The nurse thought I was doing and handling everything really well. And I knew it was time for me to get the epidural. Once it was in place, around 5pm I couldn’t feel the pain of contractions, only pressure and I could tell each time one was coming on.

Then my doctor came in and said – see I told you you’d go on your own. She checked me and I was already 10 cm! That went quick!  She said she’d be back in an hour and I could start doing some practice pushes. Now, here was the only scary part. I got comfortable and told The Husband and the nurse that I felt like closing my eyes and getting some sleep, but then I started seeing black spots like I was going to black out. They gave me oxygen and about 4 nurses ran into the room. My blood pressure went down to 90 over 55 and the baby’s heart rate dropped a bit but the oxygen helped and I felt fine a few minutes later.

Now it was about 6pm so my doctor came back and explained to me how to push. It was very hard and exhausting  but I kept at it and she, my nurse and The Husband were great coaches. Before 7:30pm,  her head was out and I could see it and the doctor said to stop pushing and I watched the baby slide out! She was born at 7:29PM and weighed 7 lb. 8 oz. and 18 3/4 inches long. After cleaning and testing her, they put her on my chest for some skin to skin contact and soon after, our family came in to visit. All of the nurses and the doctor marveled at how fast it went and said I did a great job. She’s  almost 9 days old now and I sometimes still can’t believe I did it and she’s here. Can’t wait to celebrate her first Christmas!




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