Work it Out

Now that I’m over 7 weeks from giving birth, it’s time to get serious about working out. I have to say, I did luck out a bit and I’m just about at my pre-pregnancy weight…but not quite. I still would like to lose about 10 pounds and my main focus is to tone my thighs and backside as my jeans are not quite fitting as well as I’d like.

I joined a new gym by me but since it’s so new, it’s not open yet. So right now the On Demand channel is my friend and I’m doing different workouts each day  – yoga, pilates, strength and core work, etc. I got Tracy Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy DVD from the library the other day and it’s pretty good too.


There’s more focus on ab work than anything else, but I do like it and will keep at it throughout the week.

I’m trying not to obsess, I just want my jeans to fit better!  🙂  Do you have any favorite workouts that you recommend?

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