Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I have lots of things I’m looking forward to on this (long) weekend.

Dinner w/friends

Tonight I’m going out to dinner to catch up with some girls. Should be a fun time!

Engagement party


We’re celebrating the engagement of our friends tomorrow night with a party at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Perfect excuse to do so!

Hot chocolate festival


Every year, The City Bakery holds a hot chocolate festival in the month of February. There’s a different flavor each day. You can go here to check out the list!



My orchestra’s concert is this Sunday. Although I’m not playing in this concert, I’d thought I’d go and  be an audience member for a change. I’ll be back to play the next concert in April!


I haven’t done this in so long! My local Equinox gym is holding a complimentary class for new moms. Perfect to ease me back into cardio workouts! And good to tide me over until my Crunch gym opens.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the weekend. 🙂

Images via Pinterest and The City Bakery


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