Instagram in Real Life

ImageI really do like Instagram. It’s fun to take photos of your surroundings and anything you’re fancying at that particular moment and share it with the world. I also like that Instagram allows me to pretend that I’m a top artistic photographer, playing around with filters to make my photos look even better.


One of my recent favorites taken at Grand Central.

I’m a huge proponent of printing my pictures. Call me old-fashioned but I love to look back on photo albums. I’m currently filling my first album dedicated to Lady M and I’m sure I’ve printed an overabundance of pictures already. So I want to be able to do something with all of my funky Instagram pics.

That’s where Kanvess comes in. This site allows you to print out your Instagram photos for 25 cents each. There’s no minimum order and the shipping is very reasonable. The pics are printed in a 3 inch square. One of my next DIY projects is creating a heart utilizing some of my favorite Instagram photos.


Hopefully you’ll see it on the blog soon. And if you want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is (what else?) FancyFunction.  🙂



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