A Very Special Sunday

Well, this past weekend was a busy but good one. Friday night was date night, we attended a communion party on Saturday and Sunday was the big day – Lady M’s baptism!



We put her in her pretty white dress (and matching headband) and headed to the church. She was also able to wear the cross my mother got for her own confirmation as a teenager.

There were 3 other babies getting baptized. She had a bit of a fussy crying spell during the ceremony but when it was her turn to go to the font and have water poured over her head, she did great! Just like getting her hair done in the bath. 😉

Everyone came back to the house for the party. I wanted to make it special and pretty – at least she can enjoy it through pictures when she’s older. I decided to create a sweets table and made Anginetti cookies – you can find my own recipe here.


Since it was Cinco de Mayo – we had to have mango margaritas too! The cake was filled with chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries – yum!

Lady M was definitely spoiled – especially by grandma and grandpa! But she deserved it. All in all, it was a great day!


And today I’m linking up with Kristin over at Busy Bee for her Baby Talk series!




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