The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

I’ll be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year and its got me thinking about the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I love things that come from the heart and help preserve memories. That’s where Instagram and Kanvess come in – and you can even make something for under $25!

ImageI have a lot of fun using Instagram. I think it’s a great way to share fun photos right in the moment as well as doctor them up – making me feel like I’m a professional photographer, haha! But I’m also old-fashioned and really like to print my photos for posterity. So if your mom/wife, etc. is like me, then what better gift to give her than a memory book or photo collage of her favorite Instagram prints?

I think Kanvess is great because the site allows you to print out your Instagram photos for only 25 cents each. The size of each print is a 3 inch square – perfect for creating DIY photo collages. You can do whatever you like – my next project is to create a large heart of our some of my favorite prints. Another idea is to punch holes in the prints and create a personalized garland to surprise mom with. Or create a photo flip book. The possibilities are endless really.





Whatever you decide to make, I’m sure mom will love it, as it will come straight from the heart.

And you can always follow me on Instagram, my user name is (what else?) FancyFunction.  🙂

This post is an entry to NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day Your Way Contest.


Images via Pinterest




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