Weekend Update

I know this is a bit late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I know I did.

We spent Saturday in NYC just walking around and exploring new things. For years, I lived near the Jefferson Market Library, but I’ve never been inside.


Building detail

You can read more about its history here. Unfortunately, I still have not been inside as it was closed for the holiday weekend.

ImageWe took a pit stop at Billy’s Bakery, one of my favorite cupcake spots in the city. I decided on a chocolate cherry cupcake and it was delicious!

ImageWe walked through Chelsea Market and took a stroll along the Highline. Of course it started pouring at this point, but that just make it more interesting!

On Memorial Day, we took Lady M on a stroll through the Riverwalk along the Hudson River.

ImageLater that day, we put her bouncer together. I had to pile books on the floor for her feet to touch and she looks so tiny in it, but she seemed to have fun.

ImageHow was your weekend?

Library image via Wikipedia


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