Five for Friday

Wow – it’s been a while since my last new post, and even longer since my last Five for Friday, but as they say I guess life just got in the way. 😉 It’s officially the start of summer today (yay!) and there are many things I’m looking forward to this week.

Vanderbilt Museum

We’re heading out to Long Island next week to visit my parents as well as the Vanderbilt Museum. As I said in my last post, I haven’t been there since I was 8 and am really looking forward to visiting again.


Farmer’s Market

We plan on visiting a new local farmer’s market that just opened near us. It’s in a shopping center so the plan is to take Lady M there early in the day, walk around and grab some lunch.


Baby Shower

My friend’s shower is this weekend and it should be fun to share in her day and catch up with old friends.


All American

This is a legendary burger stop on Long Island. People start lining up for lunch at 10:30 am and the crowds are always massive. I haven’t been able to enjoy this place in months so I can’t wait to treat myself to a burger, shake and maybe even a kinish!


Library Class
Lady M and I haven’t been to library class in a few weeks since they took a short vacation break. We’re ready to return and this week will be extra-special since The Husband will be able to come with us.


Hope you have a great week!


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