November Begins

I can’t believe it’s already November and the end of the year is upon us soon. That also means that Lady M’s first birthday is coming up (how did the time fly by???) But as November begins, we’re still very busy and living life to its fullest.

This past Saturday was a gorgeous Fall day in NY. The weather was perfect. It was on the warmer side and the leaves were in full color. So we figured the best thing was to spend the day outside. We went to Stone Barns – a local working farm. If you’ve never heard of it, Stone Barns is an agricultural center and also features the world-class restaurant, Blue Hill on its property. It’s a wonderful place to go and walk around, say hello to the animals and stop by the cafe for a quick treat. We saw chickens, pigs, cows and turkeys. Unfortunately, this is their last hurrah before Thanksgiving (but don’t tell them that!)





The next day, The Husband and I went to the Jets game. It’s always fun to get there early, walk around the stadium and check out the sites. I like to go once a year when it’s not too cold or too hot – Sunday was a bit chilly, but at least the Jets won the game!



How was your weekend?


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