Month: December 2013

Happy New Year!

a06562b42a1d14ae7d2e5c31bda8be43Happy New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe 2013 has almost come to a close. I remember spending the beginning of the year as a brand-new mom, unsure of a lot, going through many sleepless nights and afraid of things like taking my little baby out in the winter cold. Now I feel that I’m an old pro and that we’ve had a great year!

I’m really looking forward to 2014 – I think it’s going to be a fantastic year! We hope to buy our forever home this year, among other big goals. I like to write out a list of goals each year, then check-in every couple of months and reflect on them. I’ve accomplished many for 2013 while others are still a work in progress – and that’s OK.


This year I want to try this savings challenge I’ve seen floating around Instagram. Each week you save the amount of money that corresponds to the week of the year. So this week we’ll put away $1, next week $2 and so on. By the end of the year we’ll have almost $1,400 to use however we like. I think this is a great idea – let’s see how far I can make it. I want Lady M to learn the importance of savings and that you can’t just always go buy what you want without thinking about the consequences. It makes it that much better if you work hard, save and then reward yourself in the end. And one thing I’d like to save for – a second pair of fancy sunglasses!  😉


And I’m  very excited to announce that starting in January, I will be a contributing writer for Mommy Nearest! The app is a wonderful resource for families looking for fun, kid-friendly activities to do in NYC.


So here’s to a Happy 2014 – I hope you have an amazing one!

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You Say it’s Your Birthday

I can’t believe my little lady will turn one this week! The year has flown! In many ways, it feels like she’s been here forever and in other ways I can’t believe its already been a year.

This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with a small party at home. I thought about doing something big but then decided:

A. It’s a lot of work

B. She’s not going to remember it (except through pictures)

C. Do my childless friends really want to attend a baby’s birthday party?

So we ended up doing a party for immediate family only and everyone had a great time! Yes, there was still a lot of prep work on my end though because I wanted it to look pretty and festive. I decided to go with a theme of “A Star is Born” and since her birthday falls so close to Christmas, I wanted to incorporate the deep, jewel tones of the season.


I created the banner using a template I found online, colorful cardstock and imagery from each monthly birthday photo. I decided to fill glass vessels with colorful Christmas balls (some I already had on-hand and others I purchased at The Christmas Tree Shop for next to nothing). I also made my first attempt at baking cakes and making frosting from scratch! Although the cake was a bit lopsided, I have to say it tasted really good! Lady M’s cake was “healthy” made with applesauce and mashed bananas and she had a great time tasting the icing for the first time.



Lady M had a great time and we’ll continue the celebration later this week as a party of three.  🙂


Happy Birthday!!

Linking up with Kristin for Baby Talk today  🙂


Christmas Traditions

I mentioned here that we’re gearing up for our Christmas celebrations. This year we’ll spend Christmas Eve with The Husband’s family and Christmas Day with mine. We’re very fortunate to have our families so close to us. I like to keep traditions alive that I grew up with, while at the same time create new ones with my own little family. Here are some things I’m looking forward to doing this year.

Take a ride to see the lights

The Husband and I have been doing this every Christmas Eve. Last year, we bundled up our two-week old Lady M and took her to see some spectacular decorations. This year will be more fun since we can actually take her out of the car to marvel at the displays!



Watch Christmas movies and specials

There’s so many that we love to watch together. Some that come to mind: Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Love Actually, Bad Santa, Charlie Brown Christmas, Garfield’s Christmas and Scrooged. Wow – that’s a lot of TV but we need to cram them all in!


This is a somewhat-new tradition for me. My mom used to make cookies every year but now mostly buys them at the bakery. I am going to attempt to make my grandmother’s butter cookie recipe this year, complete with her 50-year old cookie press. Wish me luck!


What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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December Days

It’s December (yes, the 3rd actually) and that means the holiday season is officially here! I love Christmastime and already have holiday music playing (much to the chagrin of The Husband who thinks it’s too early). But to me, there’s just something about this time that gets me in a truly festive mood.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating Lady M’s first birthday (what?!?!) and then we’ll get our tree, do some decorating and she’ll have a visit with Santa (hoping it goes well!) Last year she was too little to enjoy Christmas so I am hoping the magic of the season is apparent to her this year. It’s going to be a fun month and I’m excited to enjoy our family traditions and create some new ones. For now I’ll leave you with some Christmas inspiration – I’m particularly fond of vintage decor myself.






How do you do the holidays?

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