Christmas Traditions

I mentioned here that we’re gearing up for our Christmas celebrations. This year we’ll spend Christmas Eve with The Husband’s family and Christmas Day with mine. We’re very fortunate to have our families so close to us. I like to keep traditions alive that I grew up with, while at the same time create new ones with my own little family. Here are some things I’m looking forward to doing this year.

Take a ride to see the lights

The Husband and I have been doing this every Christmas Eve. Last year, we bundled up our two-week old Lady M and took her to see some spectacular decorations. This year will be more fun since we can actually take her out of the car to marvel at the displays!



Watch Christmas movies and specials

There’s so many that we love to watch together. Some that come to mind: Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Love Actually, Bad Santa, Charlie Brown Christmas, Garfield’s Christmas and Scrooged. Wow – that’s a lot of TV but we need to cram them all in!


This is a somewhat-new tradition for me. My mom used to make cookies every year but now mostly buys them at the bakery. I am going to attempt to make my grandmother’s butter cookie recipe this year, complete with her 50-year old cookie press. Wish me luck!


What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Christmas Vacation image via Pinterest


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