You Say it’s Your Birthday

I can’t believe my little lady will turn one this week! The year has flown! In many ways, it feels like she’s been here forever and in other ways I can’t believe its already been a year.

This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with a small party at home. I thought about doing something big but then decided:

A. It’s a lot of work

B. She’s not going to remember it (except through pictures)

C. Do my childless friends really want to attend a baby’s birthday party?

So we ended up doing a party for immediate family only and everyone had a great time! Yes, there was still a lot of prep work on my end though because I wanted it to look pretty and festive. I decided to go with a theme of “A Star is Born” and since her birthday falls so close to Christmas, I wanted to incorporate the deep, jewel tones of the season.


I created the banner using a template I found online, colorful cardstock and imagery from each monthly birthday photo. I decided to fill glass vessels with colorful Christmas balls (some I already had on-hand and others I purchased at The Christmas Tree Shop for next to nothing). I also made my first attempt at baking cakes and making frosting from scratch! Although the cake was a bit lopsided, I have to say it tasted really good! Lady M’s cake was “healthy” made with applesauce and mashed bananas and she had a great time tasting the icing for the first time.



Lady M had a great time and we’ll continue the celebration later this week as a party of three.  🙂


Happy Birthday!!

Linking up with Kristin for Baby Talk today  🙂




  1. I LOVE that banner! I also love that you kept it low key. I love attending parties now that I have a baby, but when I didn’t I wasn’t too crazy about it. And that last photo! She’s so precious!


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