Five for Friday

Well hello again. Missed me? I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve last posted. Frankly, it’s been too long and I’ve been letting other things take precendent over my own personal writing. So I’m hoping that ends (or at least improves) today. I thought to celebrate the long weekend, I’d go back to doing my Five for Friday posts. This week I’m looking forward to the following.

Dinner with friends

We’re going out tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Should be a fun time filled with lots of laughs.


Visit with parents

Tomorrow, we’re going to visit my parents and have dinner with them. It’s always fun to spend the day at their house.


After a (somewhat) long delay, we are finally getting back out to do some house-hunting. Fingers crossed we find our new home soon!


Long weekend

I like that we have the extra day on Monday of having The Husband home so that we can go out and do some fun family activities. Hopefully the weather corporates and we can spend some time outside.


Healthy start

I need to do something about my eating habits – particularly at lunchtime (hello – bowls of cereal!) That stops now and I’m going to create a plan of healthier choices that I can stick to and enjoy.

Happy Friday!


Images via Pinterest


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