Starting to Come Together

Well, things are finally getting done around the house. We’ve been here for about six weeks now and though there are still some boxes left to unpack (I know, I know), we have been making good progress with projects even though it may not feel that way in my mind.

The husband and I spent the better part of a 4-day weekend painting, painting and more painting! We tackled Lady M’s room first since she was staying with my parents during that time and we wanted it ready for her when she returned. We stuck with the same color from her old room b/c I liked it so much – Behr’s Smoked Oyster. I’d say it’s a huge improvement over the bright yet very dark blue! And the new rug really helps to transform the room already.

The horrible wall color (and equally horrible light fixture!)

The horrible wall color (and equally horrible light fixture!)

Moroccan shag rug

Moroccan shag rug

We then transformed (another) blue room into a dark maroon (Behr’s Cherry Cola) office space. I think the color is warm and rich and makes the space feel cozy. We decided on a light gray for the living and dining rooms (Benjamin Moore’s Alaskan Husky) and painted a dark purple accent wall in the dining room – which I think turned out great! (Photos of all to come)

Our new wood flooring has finally been installed in the master bedroom after the installation of a new sub-floor and subsequent drying and acclimation. Now all we need to do is paint and move our furniture back in so I can finally feel like a normal homeowner and not someone roughing it. I feel like I’ve been camping for weeks!

I can’t wait for all of the little decorative touches to start coming together to really help turn this house into our home. For now, here are a few pieces I’m thinking of adding to Lady M’s new room. What do you think?

carousel cone mirror shelf


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