Month: November 2014


Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I wanted to take some time to reflect on all of the things I am thankful for in life. More often than not, we’re so super busy and running around like crazy that it’s hard to really see all of the great things in our lives.If you’re celebrating, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and I encourage everyone to set aside some time – once a week or even once a month, to really think about what you’re thankful for. Odds are, you’ll come up with more things than you can imagine. I am thankful for:

My husband

My daughter

Our families

Our friends

Our new house

Coffee (and Starbucks gingerbread lattes!)



Candy (and other sweets)

HGTV and Bravo (haha)

Being able to speak with my mom multiple times a day

Living in the shadow of NYC


Grandparents that love to babysit




All the amazing history right in our backyard

The Tonight Show


These are just some I thought of off the top of my head – what are you thankful for?


Transforming the Bedroom

The master bedroom is still a work in progress but oh, has it come a long way already. Our house was built in 1957 and the room was originally used as a place for extra storage. The previous owners turned it into their master bedroom but didn’t update it at all! So the floor was old, vinyl tile and the walls left much to be desired.

I knew I wanted a wood floor in the bedroom, in keeping with the flow of the rest of the house, plus I just prefer the aesthetic of wood over carpet. So I called in The Flooring Girl, who came highly recommended and the company did a great job! Of course, the transformation wasn’t a quick one (see – camping out in the spare bedroom for a month!) A sub-floor, leveling mix had to go down over the tiles since the flooring was so uneven, which then had to dry over a period of time. We waited a bit after that for the wood flooring to come in and then it had to get acclimated to the natural humidity of the room.

But we now have a beautiful new floor (Armstrong Performance Plus Oak in Pine Cone) and a fresh coat of paint on the walls (Valspar Sea Salt Blue). Now we just need to move the furniture back in or I’m going to need a new bag of marshmallows for my extended camping trip!!  😉