A Pineapple for Me

One of the biggest trends in fashion and home I’m seeing right now is the use of pineapples. Everything from t-shirts and dresses, tabletop decor, art prints and more have colorful pineapples all over them. And this is one trend I can get behind because I’ve loved pineapples for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong, obviously they’re delicious to eat (I think I ate one per week during my last pregnancy!), but they’re also a really fun and summery way to liven up an outfit or home space.  I remember my grandparents had a small brass pineapple on a side table in their living room, which is where I guess my love first started. When The Husband and I visited Charleston, SC two summers ago, I learned that the pineapple is a symbol of welcoming which is why the motif can be seen at so many home entrances all over the city.

I liked this idea so much that I added a cute pineapple print into my living room’s gallery wall and I really like how it turned out. So, if you want to feel fun and festive, might I suggest adding some pineapples into your life! Here are a few items that I’m currently loving.


Dress, Gold & white figurine, Swimsuit, Candle


*Bonus points if you get the title’s reference 🙂



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