It’s Alright Cause I’m Saved by the 90’s 

In fashion, they say that trends seem to cycle back every 20 years or so. If that’s the case, then this early 90’s revival I’m seeing seems to be right on track.

As a tween and teen in the 90’s, I can safely say my fashion sense left much to be desired. But let’s face it, the looks I rocked were “in” (hello Cavaricci’s, Cross Colors, chokers and flannel) and my style icons were the likes of Blossom, Kelly Kapowski and the older, “more sophisticated” girls of 90210 😉

But as we all know, everything old is new again – as evidenced by the looks we’re seeing now like baby doll floral dresses, all-over denim and black satin choker necklaces. 


Now excuse me while I head out to buy a tube of Revlon’s Rum Raisin matte lipstick! 


What do you think of the 90’s revival – yay or nay?

Images via Pinterest


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