DIY Art Display

I’m not much of a DIY-er but I’d really like to be. So when I saw the blank wall in my kitchen screaming for something, I decided to give an incredibly easy project a whirl.

Now, this wall will one day (soon) be knocked down, so I didn’t mind experimenting with a small, fun project on it. I was flipping through a magazine this weekend as I waited for my massage (ahhhh) when I stumbled upon a cute display for kids crafts and other small paper items.

I thought, I can do that. So it was off to Michael’s to get some supplies. All I needed was some twine, push pins, decorative ribbon and colorful clothespins.

I just cut the twine and hung it on the wall and attached the two strands with gold ribbon. 

 Then I gathered up some pretty cards and Lady M’s latest masterpieces and voila! Instant art wall. And it’s so easy to change up whenever you want! 

What has inspired you lately?


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