Giving Old Crayons New Life

Lady M loves to color (what 3 year old doesn’t?) But with all that coloring comes the inevitable – broken crayons. I actually like to keep a fresh box of 96 crayons on hand to switch out the broken ones once I see a bunch of them – I know, perhaps it’s a bit OCD of me.  
I was cleaning out her crayon bin yesterday when I thought, there has to be something more creative I can do with these than just throw them away. Pinterest to the rescue! I saw a bunch of tutorials to make large, multi-colored crayons by melting down the broken bits. 
All I did was unwrap each one, break them into smaller pieces and place them into lined muffin tins. I saw many projects that used silicon trays in cute shapes like hearts or stars but I just had a standard tin. 
 You can choose to group different shades of a single color together or go for a multi-colored look. I did both. I baked them for 10 minutes at 250 degrees then let cool completely before removing from the tin. 



 Instant one-of-a-kind crayons for little hands to create new masterpieces!


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