Five for Friday

Five for Friday

Well hello again. Missed me? I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve last posted. Frankly, it’s been too long and I’ve been letting other things take precendent over my own personal writing. So I’m hoping that ends (or at least improves) today. I thought to celebrate the long weekend, I’d go back to doing my Five for Friday posts. This week I’m looking forward to the following.

Dinner with friends

We’re going out tonight to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Should be a fun time filled with lots of laughs.


Visit with parents

Tomorrow, we’re going to visit my parents and have dinner with them. It’s always fun to spend the day at their house.


After a (somewhat) long delay, we are finally getting back out to do some house-hunting. Fingers crossed we find our new home soon!


Long weekend

I like that we have the extra day on Monday of having The Husband home so that we can go out and do some fun family activities. Hopefully the weather corporates and we can spend some time outside.


Healthy start

I need to do something about my eating habits – particularly at lunchtime (hello – bowls of cereal!) That stops now and I’m going to create a plan of healthier choices that I can stick to and enjoy.

Happy Friday!


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Five for Friday

Happy Friday! We made it through another week and in celebration of that, here is what I’m looking forward to this coming week.

Three-Day Weekend

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we have a three day weekend. The Husband will be home on Monday and we have a bunch of things planned for the weekend so it should be a fun and productive one.


Dinner with Friends

I’m going out tonight for a much-needed dinner with the girls. It’s always fun to go out and catch up on all of our busy lives.


Islanders Game

So they may not be the best team in the NHL, but they’re my home team. The Husband and I are headed to the Coliseum with some friends later in the week to watch our first game of the season. Fingers crossed for a win!


Working Out

OK so I haven’t to the gym in a few weeks – it happens. But I just noticed my gym has added a Bar Method-type class as well as a hip hop dance class. I plan on checking both out this weekend.



I know this isn’t something most people look forward to, but I’m organizing my thoughts and sitting down to some serious work this week. This includes beautifying my work space as well. Perhaps I’ll have some DIY projects to share soon!


Have a great weekend!

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Five for Friday

Wow! I seriously cannot remember the last time I wrote one of these. It’s supposed to be a weekly feature, right? OK, so let’s get back on track! Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to this week.

Fraunces Tavern

Fraunces Tavern opened in 1767 and is located in downtown Manhattan. It is the place George Washington said farewell to his troops upon winning the Revolution. Part museum and part restaurant/bar, we’re celebrating a friend’s birthday there this weekend. I haven’t been there since a school field trip back when I was 10 so I’m looking forward to revisiting it.


The Junior League

Work with the league slows down a bit during the holiday season so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at our first membership meeting of 2014.


Lady M

She turns 13 months this week which means she is officially OVER one year old! How did that happen???



Due to scheduling, I wasn’t able to play in the December concert so now it’s time to dust off the violin (haha) and get back to rehearsals again.


Walking the City Streets

I mentioned we were headed to NYC for a friend’s birthday on Saturday night. Well, we plan to go in early so that The Husband and I can leisurely walk around the city streets. It’s something we both love to do – we find it relaxing to just stroll around and discover places both new and old. I can’t wait to bring Lady M on one of our adventures – perhaps this summer.


Have a great weekend!

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Five for Friday

Wow – it’s been a while since my last new post, and even longer since my last Five for Friday, but as they say I guess life just got in the way. 😉 It’s officially the start of summer today (yay!) and there are many things I’m looking forward to this week.

Vanderbilt Museum

We’re heading out to Long Island next week to visit my parents as well as the Vanderbilt Museum. As I said in my last post, I haven’t been there since I was 8 and am really looking forward to visiting again.


Farmer’s Market

We plan on visiting a new local farmer’s market that just opened near us. It’s in a shopping center so the plan is to take Lady M there early in the day, walk around and grab some lunch.


Baby Shower

My friend’s shower is this weekend and it should be fun to share in her day and catch up with old friends.


All American

This is a legendary burger stop on Long Island. People start lining up for lunch at 10:30 am and the crowds are always massive. I haven’t been able to enjoy this place in months so I can’t wait to treat myself to a burger, shake and maybe even a kinish!


Library Class
Lady M and I haven’t been to library class in a few weeks since they took a short vacation break. We’re ready to return and this week will be extra-special since The Husband will be able to come with us.


Hope you have a great week!

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Where are these weeks going? April is flying by – which is so crazy to me! Anyway, I wanted to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday with my Five for Friday countdown. This week I’m looking forward to the following:

A Relaxing Evening

Between myself and The Husband, one of us was out doing something every night this week. So tonight I’m looking forward to a relaxing evening in complete with homemade pizza and catching up on our DVR.


(Another) Brunch in NYC

Just call me one of the ladies who brunch! I’m meeting up with another friend this weekend for brunch at The Brooklyneer and dessert at Doughnut Plant – yum!


Dwell Studio Sample Sale

I just stumbled upon this sale last week and Sunday is the last day. I’d like to go back and see if some of the items I didn’t end up buying are still there.


Mom Meet-ups

I’m attending 2 outdoor mom get-togethers this week. Hoping the weather is nice and Lady M corporates!


Junior League Spring Fundraiser

I’m on the spring fundraiser committee for my Junior League and the party is next Friday. I even convinced The Husband to go! It’s going to be a fun night complete with entertainment, silent auction and oh yeah, open bar. 😉

imagesHope you have a great week! What are you most looking forward to doing?

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Five for Friday

Happy Friday! We’re nearing the weekend once again and I for one couldn’t be happier! This week I’m looking forward to the following:


This is the first movie my parents took me to see when I was tiny. I’ve loved it ever since and sang along to the Broadway album as a kid. But I never had the chance to see it live, until tomorrow. After some not-so-subtle hinting on my part, The Husband bought tickets to the Broadway production for Christmas and the show is tomorrow!



I haven’t had a massage since before I was pregnant – in other words, way too long! I’m finally getting one this week – another A+ Christmas gift from The Husband.


Easter Celebration

Even though Easter is next weekend, we’re doing an early celebration during the week with my parents as we’ll be at my sister-in-law’s sister’s house on Easter. At least Lady M will get a couple of wears out of her ridiculously cute Easter outfit!



OK – I’m not enamored with the act of baking, but I’m making Anginetti cookies for Easter and they’re one of my favorite cookies. For those of you not familiar with them, you can find my recipe here (it’s actually my great-aunt’s recipe). And they even look like little Easter eggs!


Quality Time

The Husband is off next week so I’m looking forward to some quality time – both as partners and as a family.

Have a great weekend!

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Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I have lots of things I’m looking forward to on this (long) weekend.

Dinner w/friends

Tonight I’m going out to dinner to catch up with some girls. Should be a fun time!

Engagement party


We’re celebrating the engagement of our friends tomorrow night with a party at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Perfect excuse to do so!

Hot chocolate festival


Every year, The City Bakery holds a hot chocolate festival in the month of February. There’s a different flavor each day. You can go here to check out the list!



My orchestra’s concert is this Sunday. Although I’m not playing in this concert, I’d thought I’d go and  be an audience member for a change. I’ll be back to play the next concert in April!


I haven’t done this in so long! My local Equinox gym is holding a complimentary class for new moms. Perfect to ease me back into cardio workouts! And good to tide me over until my Crunch gym opens.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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